Looking For Normal


Looking For Normal is the memoir of author,
musician and filmmaker, 
Steve Slavin. 

His obsession with music, at an early age, led to a long career in the creative arts, albeit one plagued by clinical depression and the symptoms of a condition he was unaware of until 2008.

In recounting the 48 years that led to his autism diagnosis, this darkly humorous memoir will inform and inspire anyone with an interest in mental health and autism. But more than this, it is the story of an “emotionally disturbed child, without a future” who, against the backdrop of low expectation, became an ambitious, independent adult, with a wife, daughters, and a career stifled by the long shadow of his childhood dysfunction.

"A wonderful insight into an extraordinary life." 
Peter Holmes – PhD.

"Insightful, inspiring, informative and entertaining. Looking For Normal is not just about overcoming the adversities that life throws at you on a regular basis. It is also about someone’s journey of accepting, embracing and celebrating everything that comes with having autism."

Dr Rai – Senior practitioner Educational Psychologist


Timothy Blossom 

Officially Brilliant!


A book for children who think differently.

Timothy Blossom sees the world differently to other people.

Barbara, Timothy’s mother, says this is due to his ‘special wiring,’ a concept he struggles to understand – as does Bert Blossom, probably the grumpiest dad in East Winslow.

Timothy is twelve years, three months and five days old. He also happens to be the brainiest kid at Highcrest Manor School, but only when it comes to 'science in general and astronomy in general.' When it comes to tying his shoelaces, well… that’s another matter.

‘Officially Brilliant’ is about the year Timothy finds out he has autism, or the A-word as he prefers to call it. This book is also about Timothy's blossoming friendship with, of all people, Adrian Wilkes; the single most annoying excuse for a human on the entire planet.

How will Timothy cope with the complexities of making friends and becoming a teenager?

Find out in 'Officially Brilliant.'